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Founded by Hetty Lintell in 2020,

The Gift Consultancy provides a discreet, bespoke service sourcing the finest presents for both private individuals and a variety of businesses. With her renowned expertise in the world of luxury, Hetty will research and source that special present you don’t have the time or inspiration to find.


With over 15 years' experience in the luxury industry, her address book is packed with insider contacts.


Working via private referral only, Hetty will manage clients’ gifting needs for the whole year, one-off or project-by-project, and can work to any timeline. 


With prestigious brands and expert craftspeople at her fingertips, Hetty can arrange exclusive access and VIP experiences, with each project bespoke, and totally different from the last.

Discretion is vital, and The Gift Consultancy works directly with clients, and indirectly through corporate businesses, hotels, private concierge teams, developers, and beyond. 

Hetty is also Luxury Editor at Country Life

‘I help my clients nurture relationships, ensure repeat business, and get the Yes they are hoping for, all through the power of the perfect gift' 

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